General Company for Hydraulic Industries
General Company for Hydraulic Industries One of the companies of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals was formed on 17/12/2015 through the merger of two companies, Al-fedaa General specialized in hydraulic industries and Ibn al-Walid Company specialized in mechanical industries
The company aims at building a solid national industrial base in its field of specialization through its main factories (hydraulic factory and mechanical & electrical factory) by investing and developing the human and material resources available to provide a national product that covers the needs of the local market and achieves the ability to compete with similar foreign products in international markets
The company’s products which express its identity in the field of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic equipment vary according to market requirements and customer needs. It also has the possibility of manufacturing all the equipment and equipment that need it, which falls within the competence of the company being the main body specialized in this area

Last News: 
The General Company for Hydraulic Industries announces the re-announcement of the tender for (supplying water pump parts with a diesel engine number 8) within the operational budget for 2020
The General Company for Hydraulic Industries commences the conduct of the on-site inspection of the installation of alarm and extinguishing systems in the Nineveh Health Department
The General Company for Hydraulic Industries announces its production of a high-performance thermal fogging launcher (portable) in conformity with the specifications of the World Health Organization
The State Company for Hydraulic Industries begins installing the fumigation and sterilization booths for the public retirement authority
The General Company for Hydraulic Industries conducts fumigation and sterilization campaigns for its factories under the direct direction of the company’s general manager
The State Company for Hydraulic Industries begins supplying fixed caravans to the Ministry of Agriculture
The Hydraulic Technology Center is the only entity in Iraq specialized in the field of training for hydraulic elements and systems


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